Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday Night Was a Blast

He texted me and said he would see me after his meeting was over.

At about 9pm he shows up. I run out to his car and got in. Now I am still nervous, ok very nervous.

For those of you who forgot from the last post. He is 28 years old and 5'10" tall, black hair but his head is shaved, brown eyes, a six pack, muscles every where, and 6 tattoos, he looks like a thug.

We played 9 games and I won 5 of those games. I think I would have won at least 2 more if he hadn't taken off his shirt, he was wearing a wife beater t-shirt, it showed every muscle.

We drank, laughed, and well had a great time. He drove us back to my house, I invited him, and damn it wouldn't you know it, I fucking chickened out on asking if wanted a blow job. He had me so turned on too.

I am going to have a second chance at it, I asked him out on Thursday. I hope I get up the nerve to ask him to blow him.

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