Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Halloween - Ramrod - ft. lauderdale - florida

Its been over a year since I posted anything here. I forgot really, but need to get back into the swing of things.

Last October I met a very special man. He and I fell in love and I have been busy living the life I always dreamed about.  You know, dating, and then move in with each other. Having a strong man in your life is really different. Its just crazy really.

We have been friends for years, last Halloween we decided to go out to Wicked Manor. Its one huge party, with everyone dressing up as something. He called me before we left and said hey I am going to wear leather and I have a collar and leash, would you mind walking me.  I said sure. He asked what are you going to wear, and I told him it would be a surprise. (I had an idea what I was going to wear, but had to change that)
I ended up getting my boots out, and skin tight jeans and a black T-Shirt.

We all met over at a friends house, and as soon as I walked in and saw him, I grabbed his leash and said bitch get on your fucking knees. He obeyed my order. I said now slave what is my name? He had the puzzled look on his face and said Master?  I said good boy now lets go.

We went to the main drag for only a drink then headed to Ramrod.

The drive to Ramrod was only a few mins from the main party, but the entire way he kept saying I cannot believe I am doing this. I told him to shut up. I was tired of his whining mouth. He looked at me and said yes sir.  We found a nice place to park and walk to the bar. Once inside the door, the first bartender only addressed me. He asked my order I told him and he said what does your boy want. I looked at him expecting him to pipe up and he just stood there. I said well tell the man, he said yes Master.

Now we took some of my friends to the bar with us, but they were not the type of boys that goes into that bar, so instead of having one boy walking behind me I had 3 boys behind me. It was quite exciting. lol

My "boy" looked board. I mean he is the outgoing and outspoken type. And for him just to stand there, was driving him nuts. A guy came up to me and said excuse me Sir can I talk to your boy? I said sure, and handed him the leash. I knew it would help him.

After about 20 mins I became board and went up to the guy that had the leash and grabbed it out of his hand and said enough talking. Yanked on the leash and we went to another part of the bar. For some crazy reason I decided to go through the dance floor that was packed. They was playing techno and a song that I loved. We started dancing. I dont know what came over me, dont know if it was the power trip, the alcohol, or just being horny, but I grabbed his collar and kissed him. It was on, I mean we were kissing the hell out of each other.

The night was crazy and great at the same time. I was in a zone that I havent been in for some time. The other boys that was with us finally caught up with us and said they were ready to go. I was good with that my boy did not have a choice so he had to go.

We got to our friends house, and they insisted we stay there for the night. I was down with it and so was my boy. We didnt actually do anything, cause I passed out only minutes after we got in the door.

The next day he called me and asked if I was ok? I told him I was fine, just a hang over.

He asked if he could come over, I said sure. He showed up as soon as he got in the door, he was all lovey dovey with me. I was like back the fuck off. What are you doing?  He said, well I thought that we had a great night that we could you know pointing at my bedroom.  I stepped back and looked crazy at him. I said lets sit down and talk about this. We sat down and I said I love you, but I dont want just a fuck, I want more than that. I want a long term relationship. Nothing more nothing less.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday Night Was a Blast

He texted me and said he would see me after his meeting was over.

At about 9pm he shows up. I run out to his car and got in. Now I am still nervous, ok very nervous.

For those of you who forgot from the last post. He is 28 years old and 5'10" tall, black hair but his head is shaved, brown eyes, a six pack, muscles every where, and 6 tattoos, he looks like a thug.

We played 9 games and I won 5 of those games. I think I would have won at least 2 more if he hadn't taken off his shirt, he was wearing a wife beater t-shirt, it showed every muscle.

We drank, laughed, and well had a great time. He drove us back to my house, I invited him, and damn it wouldn't you know it, I fucking chickened out on asking if wanted a blow job. He had me so turned on too.

I am going to have a second chance at it, I asked him out on Thursday. I hope I get up the nerve to ask him to blow him.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Employee of the Month

Nope I did not get it, what I got was transferred out of my store and put into another. And that is a great thing. I enjoy my new store and the new crew that I get to work with.

Employee of the Month

This goes to a friend from my last store.

He transferred from a store from up north, he had been in our store a little over 3 months when I was up rooted. He moved back down to South Florida to move in with his parents.

The first time I met him, I liked him, he is cute, 5'10" tall, shaved head, 6 pack, great smile etc. but you can tell he is Straight. His first day, I made sure that he knew I was gay. He was at the register and a girl that works there was standing within ear shot of him. I went up to her and told her in graphic details what happened to me the night before. (I left the sex part out). He just laughed.

We had become pretty close by the end of the three months, Not in a gay way, just good friend at work.

Minding My Own Business

So now I am in my new store minding my own business, and out of the blue he text me. "what are you doing after work on Sunday?" I replied - nothing He replied again "want to go shoot pool? My heart skipped a beat. I told him sure would love to.

By Thursday I had caught a nasty cold and did not feel well enough to even go, I text him and told him I couldnt go.

Fucking a Girl

So on Friday night of this week I text him, what are you doing? he said "Fucking a girl" he was texting me what position he was in etc. I just lol at him. Then he said, this girl can suck a basketball threw a straw. I decided to be bold at this time. I replied so can I and I swallow too. It took about 20 minutes for a reply and he said " The key to happiness" This was not the reply I was expecting to get from him. I expected something like "fuck off".

I guess my balls swelled up cause then I asked him out after work on Sunday. He agreed, and we are going out this sunday night to a gay sports bar. He knows what it is, he knows the town I live in is all gay.


Ok, so this guy has got me so puzzled, I mean the question I keep asking myself is "is he straight or not?" I so want to make a move on him, but what if he is really trying to be a friend or does he really want more? Omg this is driving me nuts. I talked to my friend down here, she is actually my General Manager at my new store. I told her the whole story. She said "that boy aint gay" I said to her "well maybe he just want to meet friends here since he had to move down. She said "NO" he grew up here, he has lots of friends here. So now I am back asking myself is he straight or not? ugh.