Tuesday, November 16, 2010

omg I did not know you was gay!

I was on facebook the other night, playing bejeweled. When a chat screen popped open. It was a Preachers Kid that I know. We have never talked in chat before. So here out of the blue he hits me up and says: "OMG I did not know you are GAY!"

I sat there looking at it dumb founded. I thought everyone knew. But I remember back when I started my Facebook page, I wanted a page that was "normal". Since my father was one of my friends. I just did not want him to get flack from his Preacher friends about who I sleep with. (its none of their business) (but I know how they gossip)

I sat there for sometime trying to figure out if I was going to lie to him or just tell him the truth. I went with the truth. I said yes I am. Then I asked "how do you feel about it?"

His reply was "no big deal". Then he said "It threw my dad for a loop". I am sure he is going to report back to his dad, and say yep Allen is gay. So I had to add this: I live with two guys, one is an ex-preacher and one is an ex-deacon. He quickly replied do I know them? I said you might know the deacon, but I do not think you know the preacher, he was from a different church.

I had to ask "how did you find out?" he replied "your facebook photo - I want to be just like Barbie. I laughed.

He told me that another Preachers Son just came out of the closet. That did not surprise me at all. I am sure there will be more before you know it. He asked how did your dad handle the news? I said go to my confession and read it. I guess he went to read it cause he signed out of Facebook.

I decided to post this on facebook so that the rest of my friends could know. I need to get it out in the open. I just hope that all the Preachers will leave my father alone. I hope they talk directly to me. We will see.

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